Artist Information

Next Show: 
May 13-14, 2017
Mother's Day Weekend  
Fall Show:
October 7-8, 2017
Second Weekend 
Show Hours:
10am - 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 
Moorpark Park -
12061 Moorpark St.
Studio City, CA 91604 


2017 Rotary Art Show
Artist List
Heather Lara
Sadegh Aref
Joanna Garel
J.S. Rona Fine Arts
Dominique Blanchard 
Shahla Bebe
David Tanych
Eva Mays 
Meryl Liebowitz 
Philip Hindenach

Ira Meyer

Howard Teman
Martino Dorce
Paz Winshtein

Sean Sephir
Richard H. Freund

Studio Adeola
Jeffrey Greathouse

Flora Art Studio
Silvia Gallini

 Wellspring Art Glass
HannieGold Art 
Sharon Kaplan Jewelry
Dany Paragouteva

Line by Line
Arte For Elephants
Outi Harma

Vis A Vie
Studio Coronado
Don Schimmel

Two Tribes Pottery

Louis Cantillo

Capture The Shot Photography

Deborah Kelfer

Cindy Bolin

Sparks Art Glass 
Succulent Surprises    
 Linda Amato Jewelry
Bettina Kleeman
Leo Gotlibowski
 Pelham's Paperie
Gabriel Mossesson 
The Retro Kats

Mystic Bottle Studio
Mi Juleree 
Kara Taub Woven Fabrics 
MAD Dreams Designs 
Julie Horton Photography

Sierra Nevada Soap

Five Element Designs
Cathy Nestroyl 
Sandy Keryer Ceramics

Friedericy Dolls
Michael Foster Glass 
Twisted Sisters

MC Knits
Mr. & Mrs. M's Handmade 
Solar Powered Art

Steven Robert Lew
Mediterina Designs
Exotic Chopping Blocks 
Coool Cats 
Erin Childs Photography

Connie Gunderson

Art Couture

Tabrizi Designs

Lupa Jewelry

Spirit of the OM

Ken Rogers

Terry Lynn Maxwell 
Off the Beaten Palette

Joann Page Leather
Natural Body & Bath

Keren-Or Ceramics

Blazing Star Arts

Mommy Jewelry
Linda's Jewelry Creations
Green Cat Gifts
Larry Toth  
 Heavenlee Scents Handmade By Karen  Hannibal Bauliah

 Charles Dupee Photography Jennie Ford Millinery 

Artist Information

*The art categories Textile and Jewelry are closed; Artists in these two categories may apply but will be placed on a waiting list.
The Rotary Art Show is juried by the Art Show Director and a committee of Rotarians.  The show features fine art and fine artisanal crafts including painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture, mixed media, textiles, woodworking, metal sculpting, printmaking, furniture and jewelry.  All art featured at the show is original artwork created by the artist representing their work.  All artisanal crafts are handmade by the artist representing the crafts.  Artists are selected based on the quality and uniqueness of their artwork and on the quality of their display and presentation.   Our goal is to feature a diverse group of artists and limit artists in any given category in order to ensure the best environment for sales for all artists and a diverse selection for attendees.


Application Info:
  • Application fee: $275 - Single Artist; $400 - Shared Space. *Only two artists max are allowed to share a space and each must provide their own application. A $25 Jury Fee (non-refundable) is required for all applications. No other fees or commissions are charged.  Payment must be received as two separate checks, one for the space fee and one for the jury fee.  Checks are made payable to:  Rotary Club
  • Spaces are 12' deep with an 18' to 20' long frontage, depending on tree interference. The booths are positioned side-by-side, back-to-back. There are 150 booths available.  
  • Application Deadlines: April 1st for May and  September 1st for October.  Any application received after the deadline will incur a $25 late fee and payment must be in the form of a money order; checks will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • Required documents include: a seller's permit and 5-8 pictures of your work. At least one photo must be of you creating your artwork and one photo must be of your display set up. 
  • Participation in previous shows does not guarantee acceptance into future shows. Previous space assignments do not automatically guarantee you will be placed in the same space in future shows. No space is exclusive to any artist. Spaces are assigned by the Rotary Club and the Art Show Director.
What Applicants Need to Do:
  1. Download, fill out and mail in the Artist Application along with payment in full.
  2. Mail in completed application along with required documents.  The jury fee should be paid with a separate check.  Payments are made payable to:   Rotary Club 
  3. Once your application is received you will be notified by email of your acceptance to the show.  Application fee is refundable for unapproved artists and check will be shredded.
  4. Confirmation packets will be sent prior to the show which include info sheet, space assignment, parking pass and postcards if requested.  
  5. In the Application we offer up to 100 free customer postcards to participating Artists
  6. For you to use, we have created an Art Show flyer that you may hand to your customers at other venues.

Show Location:
Moorpark Park is a triangular shaped park with a flat terrain and numerous trees scattered throughout the park.  The park is located at the corner of Laurel Canyon Blvd and Moorpark St, 12061 Moorpark St. Studio City, CA 91604. Both streets are heavily traveled.


Google Map Link 

Pre-Show Setup:
Artists may set up booths on Friday beginning at 2pm. Security guards will be on-site Friday and Saturday night. It is the artist’s responsibility to secure the contents of your booth during the weekend. Although the Rotary Club will be providing security, Rotary will not be held responsible for loss or theft of your art. 


Artist Parking:  
During the morning (setup time) and evening, on both days, a van will shuttle venders to a street parking area at the intersection of Woodbridge St. and Radford Ave (2 blocks southeast of park). Please review the location on the map link above.
Moorpark Park is a half mile from the Ventura Blvd and Laurel Canyon intersection, the epicenter of Studio City.  Primarily residential, real estate values in the surrounding area range between $300k all the way up to $5M+ according to  The median household income is $75,657, according to statistics from LA Time's Mapping LA project. Studio City has an estimated population of 80,725, according to the City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning's October 2015 Demographics Report.   The community has come to view the bi-annual Art Shows, held since 1969, as a community cornerstone. In recent years, the Rotary Club's May and October shows are the only arts & crafts shows held at the park.
Park & Show Amenities:
  • "Quality" restrooms (commercal airplane style), are available during the show. The restrooms are centrally located and are maintained by an on-site attendant.
  • A children's playground, fenced, is located in the Park
  • For artists convenience, a van shuttle is provided on Saturday and Sunday, between 7:30 - 9:00 AM and 5:00 - 6:30 PM. The van travels between the park and a nearby parking area.
  • "Welcome Kits" are available for all participating artists. Each kit contains coupons (two per day) for free coffee & donuts. The kit also contains customer raffle coupons. Artists are encouraged to give a purchasing customer a raffle coupon. If the coupons is deposited in the raffle drum, both the customer and the artist are eligible for multiple $25 drawings.

Promotion of the Show:
The Rotary Club is very conscience of the fact that, without customers, artists are not successful. To help improve everyone's success, the club promotes the show in the following manner:


  • Event is posted on dozens of local online event calendars and art and craft fair listing sites including CraftMasterNews, Festivalnet and ArtFairCalendar
  • Featured in local publications online and in print including Boulevard Magazine, LA Parent, Valley Scene Magazine and more
  • 4500 postcards and 1500 emails are sent to previous show customers
  • Local businesses and surrounding area canvased with event posters and postcards 
  • More than 800 Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce members are notified.

Permit Information:

Every exhibitor is responsible for his/her own:

  1. Seller's permits for California residents are provided by the California State Board of Equalization. See your local telephone directory for phone numbers in your area.
    • Due to a new California Franchise Tax Board requirement, each artist must apply for a seller's permit for each event they plan to attend. Artists may apply by going to https:/// The address of the Rotary Club's art show park location is: 12061 Moorpark St, Studio City, CA 91604
  2. Business license from the City of Los Angeles....City Residents: Contact the Los Angeles City Clerk's office at (213) 473-5901 for information. Artists whose place of business is outside the Los Angeles City limits do not require a license, provided they do not conduct their business in Los Angeles more than 7 days per year.

In the Art Show application, include your seller's permit number in the space provided on your application and attach the tax permit letter.