Application Information

Jewelry and Textile Applications Will Be
Placed on a Waiting List 
 How to Apply and What Should I know

1.  Download Application  (Use computer to enter data.)

2.    Pertinent information is included in the Application.

3.    Most booth spaces are 12' deep and 20' long. But first-row booths along the streets are 12’ by 18’-20’ depending on tree interference. The booths are positioned side-by-side, back-to-back. There are 140 booths available.

4.    Returning Artists are given acceptance and booth assignment priority. Spaces are assigned the Art Show Director.

5.    Regarding fees, we are implementing new provisions:

a.   Artists will not be able to share booth spaces.

b.   Returning Artist from the last show:  Send an application fee of $275; no jury fee is required.

c.   New Artists

1) A check for the Non-refundable $25 Jury fee; the check will be deposited upon receipt;

2) A check for the $275 application fee.

6.    The “assigned spaces” map below is updates frequently. When you specify your Booth Choices, refer to this map. Obviously, the assignment process is dynamic and total accuracy cannot be guaranteed but the map will help you and the Director. 


7.    After the Jury decision, an email will be sent immediately to let you know the outcome. For “Approvals”, a Confirmation letter will be sent within a week. The envelope will include an info sheet with space assignment, map (for new artists), parking pass with parking and shuttle instructions and postcards if requested.

8.    Pre-Show Setup - Artists may set up booths on Friday beginning at 2pm. Security guards will be on-site Friday thru Sunday night.  It is the artist’s responsibility to secure the contents of your booth during the weekend. Although the Rotary Club will be providing security, Rotary will not be held responsible for loss or theft of your art.

9.    Artist Shuttle – A van will shuttle venders to a street parking area on Woodbridge Street, one block away. The schedule is Saturday 7-9AM, Saturday 5-7PM, Sunday 7-9AM, Sunday 5-7PM

10. Boy Scout Food Booth – Among the community groups supported by the Rotary Club, Burbank Troop 210 operates a food booth on Saturday & Sunday, 8AM-5PM. This is a fundraiser event that raises funds for summer camp and operational needs. Please consider buying your snack and lunch from the Boy Scouts.

11. "Welcome Kits" provided to participating artists; the envelopes are picked up at the Rotary Booth and contain;

a.    Four coffee & donuts coupons;

b.    Two Food Booth menus if you want the Boy Scouts to deliver food on Saturday and Sunday.

c.    Customer raffle coupons. Artists are encouraged to give a purchasing customer a raffle coupon. If the coupon is deposited in the raffle drum, both the customer and the artist are eligible for multiple $25 drawings.

12.  Permit Information - Every exhibitor is responsible:

a.    The Moorpark park’s address is: 12061 Moorpark St, Studio City, CA 91604

b.    One of the following permit or license must be provided:

1)      CA State Board of Equalization Seller’s. Permit.  See your local telephone directory for phone numbers in your area.

2)      CA Franchise Tax Board permits are available at https:///

3)      Los Angeles City Business License are available:

a)  City Residents:  Contact the Los Angeles City Clerk's office at (213) 473-5901 for information.

b)  Non-City Residents: Do not currently require a license, provided they do not conduct their business in Los Angeles more than 7 days per year.